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Generator tools and Generator accessories

Generator parts are very important to have at all time! In case of a fault in your generator, one can be able to fix it at any given time!  Generator tools are one of the most useful items that many people purchase after buying generator. We have done our research and provided you with the best review of tools for generators and accessories for generator!

Take your generator outside, run it in rain or wet weather and use GenTent to avoid CO poisoning, electrocution, and generator damage. GenTent is rated for forecast winds up to 70mph, 18″ snow load, and hurricane force precipitation; up to 12 inches per day.

Our UNIVERSAL fit model for open frame generators includes four frame adapters that can be used on square or round tubular frames, as well as for panels or muffler heat shield blocking direct clamp mounts. The frame adapters can also be used for extending your generator frame length and width on small generators. GenTent provides a pleasing finished look to your portable generator, and has been adapted to fit THOUSANDS of potable generators on the market..

Our personal fit process ensures that if you give us the make and model of your generator, we will find the suitable GenTent for you! Installation is easy – Simply Clamp it, Frame it and Cover it in three easy steps to Weatherproof your Power!


  • Safely run your portable generator outside in nearly any wet weather – rain, snow, ice, sleet, and wind
  • Protects sensitive electrical areas, sheds water away, large door for easy refuel, and waterproof.
  • Patented design maintains generator natural cooling air flow; does not impede generator operation.
  • Universal welded waterproof cover size fits portable generators 3000-10000 watt.
  • Simple 3 Step Install!

The Generator Reliance Controls Corporation 31410CRK 10-circuit Pro/Tran Transfer Switch Kit has everything you need to easily complete a portable generator transfer switch installation in a home or office. The purpose of a transfer switch is to connect a secondary power source, like your portable generator, to circuits in your home or building that are wired into the electrical system. It is designed to enable the wiring system of the building to accept the full power of a portable generator, which can run multiple electrical appliances and devices during a power outage. The transfer switch ensures that you can safely use back up power during a power outage without having to worry about back feeding the utility line. In an emergency situation you might not think to shut off the main power source, the transfer switch makes it so you do not have to worry about that. This kit includes pre-wired transfer switch with wattage meters, 10-foot power cord, 30A power inlet box, wire connectors and extra 20A plug 


  • Kit includes 31410C ten-circuit prewired transfer switch, PC3010 power cord (10 feet, 10 AWG, L14-30 ends), PB30 outdoor painted steel power inlet box, wire nuts, and L14-20 male plug for 20A generator outlets
  • Convenient kit for your transfer switch, circuitry and multi-wiring needs.Pro/Tran transfer switches feature a rugged powder-coated steel cabinet with six combination 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts
  • Maximum generator running watts: 7,501. MAX. COMBINED LOAD @ 125 VAC:60, MAX. COMBINED LOAD @ 250 VAC:30
  • 18-inch flexible conduit whip attaches easily, and indoor surface mount transfer switch designed for fast installation in both residential and commercial applications
  • cUL1008 listed and comes with a 5-year product warranty


  • Generator type: GX390 188F portable
  • Output: 4.5-5.5KW 
  • LPG(liquefied gas)pressure range: 2.8 KPA–3.8 KPA 
  • CNG pressure range: 2.0 KPA–2.6 KPA 
  • Pressure regulating valve output pressure: 0.03-1.56KPA 
  • Pressure regulating valve closing pressure: 3.50KPA


  1. Combustible gas can be converted from high pressure gas to low pressure gas and supply gas smoothly. 
  1. When the generator started ,the negative pressure enter into the pressure regulating valve through the mixer, the sealing arm swing of the valve open, the combustible gas supply generator after decompression, so the machine work orderly. 
  1. When the generator closed, the pressure regulating valve will be closed at the same time, the gas passage will be cut off, the machine complete the shutdown. 
  1. Installation the LPG/CNG conversion kit, the original power of generator is not effected 


  • For use with any portable generator that has up to 30-amp output, nema L1430
  • Double throw rocker switches absolutely eliminate the possibility of power back feeding to the utility line or to your generator when power is restored
  • 2 pole circuits allows 240-volt circuits – perfect for well or sump pump
  •  applications, if a two pole circuit is not needed, the tie bar can be removed to allow for two single pole circuits
  • Can be installed indoor or outdoor – easily wires up to a nema 3R rainproof power inlet box (included)
  • Transfer switch is compatible with all load centers and specifically approved with challenger, cutler hammer, home line, siemens, square d and westinghouse load centers

With 2 fuel options (Propane or Gasoline), you will have power when you need it most. No more smelly gasoline or gummed up carburetors. *Clean OEM Look *More power with our proprietary full flow adapter – only kit on the market that does not restrict airflow. *no drilling or modifying carburetor. *YES! Economy mode works FLAWLESSLY! *90% preassemble with the easiest FULL page PICTURE instructions. *20+ hours of run time with standard propane tank. *2 fuel options Propane or Gasoline

  • Great for emergencies – you will have power when you need it
  • No more smelly gasoline or gummed up carburetors.

This 12′ Natural Gas patio hose assembly has a 3/8″ female pipe thread x 3/8” female flare quick connect/disconnect with dust plug and cap. Most commonly used to connect Natural Gas or LP appliances to an existing low pressure supply.

Use with low-pressure natural gas or propane systems.160, 000 BTU/hour maximum capacity.

This is perfect for converting a propane grill to natural gas. The hose fits perfect where you remove the propane hose from under the grill. Then you connect the quick connect it comes with to your gas pipe

3/8″ Female Pipe Thread x 3/8″ Male Flare Quick Connect Disconnect – CSA Certified


  • 12 Feet flexible hose used to connect Natural Gas or LP appliances to an existing low pressure supply
  • Functions effectively with natural or liquid propane gas; unites LP grills, natural gas grills and RVs to permanent fuel sources
  • High-capacity natural gas supply hose.Used for natural gas or propane applications.
  • 50000 BTU/hour flow capacity,3/8″ female pipe thread x 3/8” male flare quick connect/disconnect.
  • Attaches appliance to existing low pressure supply. Comes with dust cap and plug to protect the brass adapter.CSA certificated – Pass CSA certificate for your safety.

The Reliance Controls PB30 NEMA 3R Power Inlet Box is an outdoor/watertight electrical inlet for a 30 Amp L14-30 generator cord. It is designed to be located outdoors where the generator is running to prevent dangerous carbon monoxide fumes from the generator from entering your house. This inlet box is then safely hardwired through an outside wall directly to the transfer switch or panel, eliminating the need for cords running through windows or doors.

It is designed to be wired directly to the transfer switch or panel by using one of the four combination 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts (one on each side, bottom and back). The exclusive patented design provides generous wiring space and facilitates rough-in. The face of the box is removable for easy placement and wiring. It is constructed of steel with rugged, anti-corrosive powder-coat paint and has a spring-loaded inlet cap to prevent moisture front entering the connector inlet when not in use.

  • For indoor or outdoor use with specific transfer switches, manual transfer panels and generator-ready load centers
  • Outdoor, raintight NEMA 3R non-metallic power inlet box provides generous wiring space
  • Maximum generator running watts: 7,500
  • Maximum generator input: 30A @ 125/250 VAC

MPI Tool’s durable and reliable 10 gauge 4 wire NemaL14-30 Generator Power Cord is the premium choice in price and quality. Offering 125/250 volts, we’ve made sure to bring you a versatile tool that will last!

Equipped with superior weather-proofing, you can count on reliable 30 amp power flow, especially in those ”extreme” situations. From a transformer explosion and mass power outage, to the hunting camp, MPI Tools serves you with quality.4 conductor 10 gauge wire. Whether you’re connecting from your generator to a power box outside or inside, we’ve got you covered. All of our power cords are Hard Service Rated, which makes them the ideal choice no matter what your situation!

Equipped with a 4 connection “lock-in” relay, and a running power of 7500 watts, you’re sure to find the power transfer you need right here. Enjoy better electrical equipment and auxiliaries from MPI Tools.



Generator Interlock Kit for Cutler Hammer and Challenger 150 or 200 amp panels. BR series only. 1/14 spacing between main and branch breakers. Met lab listed E113887. Panel and breaker not included PLEASE Verify your panel type before placing order. Panel type is second picture BR SERIES Branch breakers ONLY

  • Interlock Kit for Cutler Hammer and Challenger Panels BR Series ONLY 150 or 200 amp panels
  • 1 1/4 spacing between main and branch breakers
  • Met lab listed E113887
  • Includes Interlock, Drill bit, labels and generator breaker retainer
  • PLEASE Verify panel type by checking second picture

To effectively use a generator, you have to pick the right generator power cord. Or Not, you will risk damaging your generator and the appliance you will be using. Miady 20′ 30-Amp L14-30 Generator Power Cord for up to 7,500-Watt Generators splits 250V across two legs that supplies 125V across four standard household receptacles with one cable, which generator side connection is NEMA L14-30P twist lock prong cord and output side receptacles is NEMA L14-30R Receptacles.

It is used for generators, portable appliances,small motors and associated machinery. Besides, STW listed generator power cord is built well, which is not only highly praised for its durability and flexibility in any kind of weather, but also be much safer using this cord during a power outage. So it is the ideal choice for you to choose it.


  • Cord Length: 20 ft
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Copper, Thermoplastic
  • Pattern: SJTW
  • Wire: 10 Gauge
  • Voltage: 125/250 Volts
  • Amp Rating: 30 AMP
  • Wattage: Up to 7,500 Watt Capacity


  • RV 30 AMP

  • 30amp Male Plug to 30amp Female Connector

  • NEMA L14-30P to TT-30R,12-inch(30M30F)

  • 30M/30F,30A/125V,Max. Load 3750Watt,NEMA L14-30P to TT-30R,STW10/3
  • Reliable conduction flexible and durable RV generator plug cord.
  • Molded and made of heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic,100% copper wire.
  • Generator adapter.Not applicable to marine application
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